On this page you can subscribe for the 2.4mR World Championships!

Please note:
subscribtion is still open, first 100 subscribers to complete the enrollment by paying the fee are guaranteed to have a starting position. After 100 verified competitors the subscribtion will be closed.

How does it work?

By clicking on one of the two links below you will be shown a form which you have to fill in. Make sure all the information is there to ensure a quick enrollment. After sending the completed form your name will be shown directly in the list on the competitors page and you will receive an email. This email contains more information about how to pay the enrollment fee of 325 euros.

When all of your information is complete, and payment has been received, your enrollment will be completed.

Besides competitors, support is also welcome. To make sure all the coaches, family and friends can enjoy the festivities, use the ferry and have a place to sleep, they to, need to enroll. The fee for coaches is 125 euros, for family and friends it is 100 euros.

Please note: Only your name, country and sailnumber will me made public, all the other information is kept private.
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